12 must-have pieces for your home at Christmas

12 must-have pieces for your home at  Christmas

On Christmas, you feel excited to decorate your house just like you feel mesmerized while
opening the gifts in the Christmas morning. You should decorate your house in a traditional way
to please yourself and your guests. This is an occasion which brings a lot of happiness for kids as
well as adults. Everyone likes to decorate their house to have a feeling of festivity at home.

So here are 12 things with which you should decorate your house at Christmas:

1. The Christmas tree:
You can buy a real so artificial Christmas tree and you can decorate it with a string of
blue, white or multicoloured lights. You can decorate it with small ornaments like ball
decorations or you can buy gems and precious stones to decorate with. Decorate the
top of the tree with a star as it is traditional to place a star on top of the tree. You can
also decorate the tree with beautiful stockings.

2. Hanging a decorative light around the surroundings of the house:
You can decorate the walls of the house by hanging the decorative lights at the
uppermost border of the walls which meets the ceilings. If you have enough lights then
you can thread it on other walls of your house.

3. Decorate your home with flowers and greenery:
You can add some greenery and magnolia leaves in beautiful vases that can be easily
done to decorate your home. You can decorate your chandelier with greenery in your
living room. You can put some fresh beautiful flowers in your vases.

4. Decoration with sparkles:
You can buy a white fabric to wrap around the tree. Decorate the tree with sparkles and
glitter so that it gives a snowy touch to the tree. So all over the Christmas season, you
can place some gifts under the tree which you aim to give to your family and friends.

5. Decorate your home with candles:
You can buy a wooden box and fill the bottom of it with a flowery fluff square and place
candles on it with some greenery. You can put some stylish candles in the glass and
place it on your dining table.

6. Holiday scents:
You can buy some fresh and amazing scents and spray it in every room in your home.

7. A cosy throw:
You can buy some spray bottles to have fun in your Christmas holidays and enjoy with
your friends and family.

8. Decorative table linen:
On this special occasion you can change your old table covers with the new beautiful
linen covers and place some decoration pieces on it.

9. Bar stocked with best drinks:
You should visit any superstore or mart to buy some really best drinks in order to enjoy
your meals and dinner along with it. Your family and friends really enjoy if you have
stocked the bar with best drinks.

10. Homemade cookies:
On this occasion mothers really enjoy making cookies at home for their family and kids.
You can fill your jars with homemade cookies and place it on your dining table along
with some sweets and chocolates.

11. The wreath:
Make a wreath with sequins and embellishments for your Christmas and you can even
decorate it with sequin ribbon around the foam of the wreath.

12. A statement star for the tree:
Your Christmas tree is also decorated with a traditional star signifying the Star of David
that led the 3 sensible men to look for JESUS CHRIST. You can also decorate the topmost
of the Christmas tree with a snowflake.

So, all of the above things are necessary to decorate your home on Christmas.

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