20 Bedroom Ideas To Inspire Your Next Redesign

20 Bedroom Ideas To Inspire Your Next Redesign

Your bedroom is the one space in the house that’s the most quintessentially you. It’s where you go to relax and spend some quality time alone or with your partner. It’s a temple of sleep and relaxation. It’s the one place where you can leave the outside world and all its stresses and problems at the door. But hey, that doesn’t mean that you can’t relax and unwind in style! If you’re looking to shake things up with a bedroom redesign, 2019 is the year to do it. If you’re looking for a chic yet comfortable and affordable hotel-style redesign, here are some items to help you do it. And all are at prices you won’t believe…


Epsilon King Sized Bed in Dark Grey Velvet Fabric- Click Here to View


Combining classical luxury with contemporary elegance, the Epsilon King Sized Bed is the very epitome of luxurious hotel style. The neutral tones and the plush fabrics combine to create a stunning bed that fits in just about anywhere. Relax every night with the opulent look and feel of velvet and so much space that you’ll always get a great night’s sleep.


Keswick Ottoman Seat in Silver Chenille- Click Here to View


Let’s face it, we could all use more bedroom storage. But why settle for an anonymous box when you can enjoy this exquisite Keswick Ottoman suite. It has a timelessly chic design that will make it fit seamlessly into any redesign concept as well as plush upholstery for comfort. All this comfort and elegance belies the generous storage with a depth of 16cm. 


Amani Twin Dressing Table in Stone White- Click Here to View


Whether you’re preparing for the day’s work ahead or getting ready to paint the town red, get dressed in style with this divine stone white twin dressing table made from solid pine. Its elegant and contemporary design lends it a sense of modern luxury that looks incredible in any bedroom.


Veronica Contemporary White Faux Leather Bedside Cabinet- Click Here to View


Want the luxurious look and feel of leather but 100% cruelty free? You could do much worse than check out the Veronica Contemporary Bedside Cabinet in white faux leather. The beauty of this stylish little unit is that it’s neutral colouring and stylish and elegant design make it perfect for contemporary bedroom design concepts while also being a good fit for virtually any kind of bedroom. (Also available in black)


Davos Sliding Robe Wardrobe in Alpine White with Lights- Click Here to View


Want to add an airy and spacious feel to any bedroom while also getting generous storage space for your clothes? Look no further than the Davos Sliding Robe Wardrobe in Alpine White. The combination of pristine white, mirrors and lights make virtually any bedroom look both opulent and spacious!


Happy Tobacco Valet Stand- Click Here to View


Perfect for lending an exquisite dash of hotel chic to your bedroom decor, this elegant solid wood and aluminium tobacco coloured valet stand adds the perfect finishing touch. The juxtaposition of wood and metal as well as the timeless sleek curves make it a good fit in both traditional and contemporary design concepts.


Whatever design concept you have in mind, the above pieces have been handpicked to fit perfectly with any design concept!

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