Best Italian Furniture for your Bedroom – Contemporary Beds

Best Italian Furniture for your Bedroom – Contemporary Beds

What makes Italy so special? All we can think about is planning a grand vacation there, isn’t it? Well, the list is way too long, so let us be brief about it. Italian food is definitely an easy guess, it tops off with the Pizza, the pasta and the Pastries. Then comes the iconic and the world’s strangest structure, Pisa’s Leaning Tower, Italian Renaissance Art, and then, of course, there is Italian furniture. Confused much? We’ll break it down for you.

Italian Furniture

Incredible Italian Art

Inhale creativity, exhale art. That is pretty much what this country does and has done for many bygone centuries now. How? Read on to know more!

Fact –

1.The Splendid Marks of Art

Italy is famous for its renaissance artists like Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and Donatello to name a few. These artists sum up the status of Italy when it comes to art between the 14th to 17th century A.D.

2.The “SMD”  Italian Furniture Factor

Italian furniture is widely accepted all over the world because of the attention to detail, precision, magnificence, and overall durability, and this fact acknowledged worldwide.

3.Nailing it The Good-Old Traditional Way

Since the beginning of the 14th century, Italian furniture has proven to be flamboyant and extraordinary with its old-fashioned drawings, paintings, sculptures and sketches that precisely showcase the finesse Roman architecture, sculpture.

4.Mixing Modern with Traditional

Italian furniture makers get their inspiration from the traditional Italian architectural outlines. With the dawn of modern designs, Italian furniture makers have created pieces that are adaptable and still carry the elegance of their roots.

5.Bed and Sleep “It’s Complicated”

Relationships can be really hard to handle, and the toughest is the relationship we all share with our beds. Nobody is really thrilled when it comes to putting a distance between them and their beds. Coming back home to our beds makes us all happy, but at nights, many of us have trouble having a sound sleep. Ever wondered, why?


Sleep is one of the most essential necessities for every human being. Sound sleep is the key to a successful and peaceful life. The room we sleep in plays a vital role in our sleeping routines. The bed, the atmosphere, the temperature and the lighting are some of the factors that deeply affect our mental health.


Fact – 20%-40% of all adults have insomnia during any year and sleep problems account for a large chunk of the annual health care bills worldwide.

What a “Bed Bargain”?

8 hours of sleep can be easily achieved because today we don’t just have the usual beds. We have numerous options to choose from, and these are some beds that could help you sleep better and improve the overall ambience of your room.

1.The “Slay” Sleigh Bed

This classic bed, inspired by the traditional styles comes with a distinctive arch-shaped headboard which brings out the curves of an actual sleigh, hence forming a “sleigh bed”.

These beds give a very quintessential atmosphere to the room. We have all wanted these, no wonder why.

2.The Outstanding Ottoman Bed

Space is never an issue with these beds. Traditionally called a divan bed, these are four-poster beds that definitely look amazing and regal, but they are more beneficial for everyone who could use some extra storage. 

3.The Charismatic Canopy Bed

As a child, we all had pyjama parties that ended with us telling stories to our friends inside a tent made out of bed sheets, isn’t it? Well, the canopy bed is the same kind of tent, but it is way more fancy and elegant. A four poster bed with a decorative fabric draped over the four posters is what describes these beds the best.

Why Italian Furniture?

The furniture from the land of artists only does justice to your house, in what ways? Find out!

1.Dauntless and Durable

Traditional yet modern, these beds last an eternity. They are easily portable and the materials they are made to make it easier for us to move them effortlessly. These beds provide a guarantee that our houses look beautiful and never need a fix.

2.Comfortable and Calm

Here comes the sleep factor, as sleep is essential for all of us, these beds are definitely the best go to. Built in the supervision of highly qualified artisans, these beds are ergonomically artistic.

3.Majestic and Modern

Of course, we all want our bedroom to look like a palace in itself. Guess what? These beds do make our bedrooms look majestic with the kind of ambience they bring in. Good ambience is made up of the things we love, and all of us definitely love our beds the most, don’t we?


There, you’ve reached the end now. Check out our bed designs at Tempted and excited to get one of these beauties? Try the  Elevate X showroom, now!

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