Dining room furniture – Unique and Modern Dining Table designs!

Dining room furniture – Unique and Modern Dining Table designs!

The unbelievable stress from our busy lives always tends to vanish when a home cooked meal is shared at you dining table with your loved ones. Yes, your dining room furniture also plays a crucial role in bringing all the family members together for this purpose. All thanks to the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. They were the ones who gave birth to the earliest models with various dining table designs.


Dining table designs


Dining rooms are where our families gather around and come together to talk about their day, relieve their stress. Sounds like a big deal right! This is the reason why products at Elevate are all about precision.

An ideal dining table provides comfort along with a design that enhances your decor. But most importantly it should fit your style well. Doesn’t matter if your family is small or large, find designs that complement both your comfort and interiors.

Dining tables serve various roles in a different household. In some homes, dining room is an area to ‘catch-up’ where a friendly chit-chat with your buddies takes place. In some houses, it can be an aesthetic asset. No matter what you need the dining room for, it is believed to be the “Atrium” of your home.  

There are a variety of options that can be considered when it comes to modern dining table designs. Their shapes, sizes, and colours all affect the ambience that you are looking to create.  


Fact – Did you know that dining sets available in the first half of the 1900’s were manufactured as a “9-piece dining room set”? Fascinating right! Compared to the minimalist 5-piece dining tables in the market right now.


As times change, there are many types of dining tables designs that have also evolved to compliment the growing cosmopolitan vibe. If you are planning to change your dining table, consider the following dining table designs while picking up one for your place.


When your food is good, your surroundings must be better!


For the right visual impact.

When someone walks in your space, your decor catches their eye first. The interiors tell a lot more about you than you can imagine. They are essentially a reflection of your soul. Therefore, it’s always wise to be careful when it comes to adding something as important as a dining table in to your space.


You can put together a pleasing aesthetics for your home with the following designs options –

  • A sophisticated solution for dining table designs 

If you are not a big fan of a tablecloth (actually it brings quite a lot of work along with it)- a bare wooden table could lift up the interiors and also add a fancy touch to your interiors.

You know what looks the best when paired with these tables? Plush cushioned chairs! This set-up has topped the charts when it comes to trends in the market in the past decade.

  • Put the bench on one side

If you are a firm follower of modular trends then these type of dining table designs are apt for you. With chairs on opposite side, three chairs on one side and a bench on the other, this dining table definitely adds the chic element to your dining room. The surrounding interiors can be kept simplistic so as to enhance its subtle charm.

  • The Bohemian magic

You can never go wrong with the Boho feel! When it comes to dining room furniture you can mix it up a little with vibrant bohemian vibes. Multi-coloured, mismatched chair designs might not sound classy, but this look is to die for.

Such dining room furniture lightens the mood instantly. It also infuses a fresh energy of youth in to your interiors. If you talk about modern dining tables then these designs top the list. When paired with a wooden chair, your place will look no less than Bohemian art.

  • Gather around the “Glassy” beauty

A glass table is the most flexible piece of interior accessory that you can get your hands on. Glass tables readily blend in with your interiors no matter what colour your surrounding is. And glass tables are back in trends and how!

You can go with bright and crisp colours. If you want to go bold put large cushion chairs next to it and can throw in some colours as well. This type of modern dining table adds a space illusion (You know the things can be reflected in a glass and then it ….ya you know)


We hope that we have unfogged your mind by giving you an idea about distinct designs and how they can change your home for the better. All the above mentioned models from various international boutique brands are available at Elevate and Elevate X showrooms.

With these tips mentioned above your dining room furniture will definitely leave your guests in awe! Time to add the artistry of these  modern dining table to your home today!

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