How to Keep White Walls Clean in Indian Homes

How to Keep White Walls Clean in Indian Homes

White walls are a contemporary favourite. It makes the home seem brighter, cleaner and brings an essence of luxury. But keeping white walls can be so very tricky in Indian homes. There is always this hue of dirt that runs a dark patch through the bottom half of white halls and we know how annoying that can get. You’ve got your decor game on point and your white walls fail you. Well, here are a couple of tips on how to keep your white walls clean.

1. Choose the right kind of paint

Keep White Walls Clean- Right Paint

Sometimes, you need to spring for the expensive kind. Especially if you choose a colour like white for your walls. White walls highlight everything and anything and they won’t go easy on stains. So make sure you can easily wipe stains and dirt off your walls with whichever paint you decide to go with. This saves you the cost and maintenance of repainting your walls year after year.

2. Keep kids away

Keep White Walls Clean- Keep Kids Away

Well, we know you can’t really do that there are smart ways to keep kids off your walls. For example, you can use chalkboard paint on a patch of their bedroom wall where you can minimise the damage. This lets the kids go crazy on their wall which is washable and erasable and keeps them off your main white walls.

3. Hands off the walls

Keep White Walls Clean- Hands off the wall

Not just the hands, leaning on walls helps dirt carried on from your hair after a day out on the dusty city streets gather on the wall. The first day it may seem like nothing but that’s where it all begins and before you know it, you’re looking at another paint job. Sweat and dirt stick very easily to walls. They are subtle but create an ugly impact on the long run. So watch where you place your hands or where you rest.

4. Keep the furniture off your walls

Sofa Designs- Luxury

Make sure you leave at least an inch of space between the sofa or bed and the wall. You’ll never know how much dust and dirt furniture gathers up. This also means that you need to regularly clean your furniture. Places like Furlenco makes sure your furniture gets deep cleaning every six months. This kind of cleaning contributes to keeping your walls spick and span.

5. Dust and clean your home regularly

This helps keeps the walls clean too. Also, keep an emergency cleaning kit just in case you face any spills or any other stain related problem. It is always wise to deal with stains almost immediately before they have time to settle in. Here’s where washable wall paints come into use. This is especially helpful in the kitchen where oil and grease tend to collect. This means daily cleaning up after.

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