The Secret to Living Well

The Secret to Living Well

Making a house home is secrete to living well. I am serious! Okay, think; what comes to your mind when you think about the “home”? Does it make your mood pleasant and a sense of serenity and peacefulness surrounds you? Well, there are millions of quotes and writings by the motivational speakers that show, your home is the place that helps you find the sanctuary from the ineptness of your surroundings, as minion say; “Home is a place where you can look casual and enjoy”. In short, home is a place that should be pleasant to enter, cozy to live, and should fill you with a sense of satisfaction whoever you think even about this word.

Living well starts from your house

Now let’s come to the point from where I started this discussion that what are the secrets to living well? The first secret is making a house a home however it requires a little more focus to discern this secret.

  1. You don’t need big bulks of money to make your house a home.
  2. Spacing doesn’t matter when it comes to comfortable living.
  3. You don’t need to spend plenty of time or lots of effort in making your home heaven.
  4. You don’t need extravagant interior designing skills to make your home decorated with peace.
  5. You need to spend just 1 hour in the home while doing stuff that I am mentioning next to make it heaven on earth.

It all begins with your happiness

Firstly, as I said you don’t need hefty money to make your house a home, so all you need is to figure out the things that make you happy and then design the house spacing accordingly. You are living in a small apartment where there is not much space left after you put some books, a cupboard, a bed and, a working desk, right? Well, you don’t need any more space because you already have the essential stuff at your place. You need to make only some changes in the living room and bedroom appearance-wise, to make it look cool and refreshing.

  1. Changing paints on the walls and selecting brighter tones like whites, chartreuse, lime, or red to bring a robust and glaring feeling.
  2. For the bedroom, you can choose a color that’s your favorite but make sure it should be so perky to irritate the eyes at night. Bedroom means dreamy place.
  3. For living room and bedroom, use vertical spacing while setting up the furniture, in this way space can look wider.
  4. Collect money and order multifunctional furnishing such as stool that can be used as seaters and a table with wooden downside can be used as a couch when there are more people in the room needs to sit.
  5. Add interesting objects like mantelpieces, paintings, cushions with some message, and jars with pebbles, to give living room an autistic touch.
  6. Don’t forget to use space under the stairs; maybe you use it just to place a shelf with decorations pieces in it.
  7. Make sure you use proper colored lightening as per the time of the day like dim orange lights for evening and brighter yellow and whites for the morning.

Lastly, make sure to give an hour in dusting and ordering everything on a daily basis so that the messy room won’t let your small home look even smaller.

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