Top ten tips to make your home more luxurious

Top ten tips to make your home more luxurious

Everyone wants to have a home which looks luxurious but they don’t have that much funds to
beautify it like a millionaire. So, to decorate your home you have to spend some money on
beautiful lamps, rugs and fancy lights. Decorating your living room must be your topmost
priority as this is the first room where guests have to make an entry.

Well here are some key tips to make your home more luxurious

1. Add a burst of colour:
Painting is not a very expensive idea and it brings out a clear difference in your room.
You should select the paints according to your personal taste and depending upon the
requirement of the room. Adding a bold colour or choosing a lighter shade for the room
entirely changes the feel of it and it improves the environment a lot.

2. Interchange your throw pillows:
Changing your throw pillows is a simple way to beautify your room. You can purchase
them or even buy the new pillow covers and throw the old ones. You can place them in
a combination or mix and match them. This will enhance the beauty of your room.

3. Decorate your wall with some arts:
One should think about to give your room a wow factor by hanging a beautiful piece of
art on one of the walls in your space. This can give a stylish look to your space with little
difficulty. You can have a look to buy some beautiful painting in some economical stores
or you can even make a painting if you want to. You can also decorate one of your walls
with family pictures.It will give the feel of your home, but you don’t need to decorate
each and every wall of your home.

4. Add moulding:
If there is any space barren besides the traditional artwork, then you can add moulding
to the ceilings, footings and chair rail. This will give a final touch which will look both
sophisticated and traditional.

5. Create a bookshelf or any shelf in your home:
The secret behind in making a bookshelf or a cabinet for your kitchen depends entirely
upon their fitting flawlessly in your home. A bookshelf can be made from the floor to
the ceiling and it gives a luxurious look to your home.

6. Add a mirror for a visual space:
To make your home having a feeling of a bigger house, you can place a big stylish mirror
which will give an impression of a bigger house.

7. Upgrade your old fittings:
You can upgrade the old fittings with modern ones in your home like doorknobs,
drawers, light switch plates, and handlebars. These are not very extravagant, and this
little finishing will give a modern feeling to your home.

8. Add floor rugs:
Floor rugs fill the space in your room in a beautiful way. They make a room more
sophisticated and helps to outline it. You can place your furniture on the top of a rug or
at least with a feet distance with a rug.

9. Make your room more lighten up:
Nothing gives your room more definition than lightening it up. In the daytime open your
room windows to give a natural light to your room. You can also have table lamps and
floor lamps for lightening your room.

10. Add elegant wallpapers:
In order to give the nice glossy look of the wall. Put some lustrous wallpaper on the flat
area of your walls.

You can do the renovation in your home and invest on something which makes your home look
more luxurious.

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